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Talking Point

"Good communication is vital in every aspect of life but particularly in business. It ensures everyone is 'on message' and comfortable about it, fosters team building and spirit and points everyone towards the same, more profitable and rewarding goals."

David Knight
Managing Editor


'Writers possesses the design creativity, flair and team working approach to help make any communication project a success. Our award winning public relations team demand high standards and Writers continually demonstrates its ability to deliver on time to the highest quality. What's more, Writers possesses the flexibility to be able to adapt to late-running changes or new priorities and respond positively to the demands of a major local authority.'
Rod Cook,
Director of Communications,
Derbyshire County Council

'Thank you again for your excellent contribution to this new project. An NHS newspaper to every home in the city was an ambitious idea, but your calm professionalism helped us meet all our targets and the deadline. It has been a pleasure working with you - more like a 'kindred spirit' than an agency.'
Geoff White, Special Projects Manager, Communications,
Customer Services and Patient & Public Involvement,
NHS Leicester City

'Thank you for all the excellent work done over the years. You have made a big contribution to the way in which the university has developed and has been perceived from the outside.'
Professor Roger Waterhouse,
Vice-Chancellor, University of Derby.

'Thanks for your quality input as well as your professional demeanour.'
Ian Amos, Editor,
Media Unit,
Leicester Mercury


Office support

Since 1990, more than 30 major organisations in both the public and private sectors have benefited from Writers Editorial Services' wide-ranging support.

   As you have read on other pages:

  • We have helped a major local authority win awards for its publications
  • We have helped a county news magazine increase its circulation and win an award nomination
  • We have helped an independent television company regain its broadcasting licence

   We have been able to achieve this strong track record by making the most of a range of skills.

  • Copywriting
  • Sub-editing & design
  • Publications management
  • Corporate relations
  • Public relations
  • Press relations

   Now we have added a new service – as support members of staff, providing temporary office cover in the event of holidays or illness.

  Organisations to have benefited from this service so far include:

  •    London Midland Trains
  •    Leicester Mercury media unit
  •    Nottinghamshire Today magazine

   If you would like to take advantage of the experienced help and support we can provide, please complete our feedback form or contact managing editor David Knight direct on davidknight@writerseditorialservices.co.uk




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